What is Quality Assurance QA in Software Testing?

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What is Quality Assurance QA in Software Testing?

Test cases fuel the next actions in the process which, in turn, keep the results focused. Test cases define the difference between a well-designed test process or one containing numerous defects and errors. Test cases examine one scenario of functionality for one requirement. They’re the person who will actually use the product out in the wild. Their input affects developers, installers, and servicers of the product. The “end” in end user refers to the fact that they stand at the end of a chain of interconnected product components.

  • Assurance is nothing but a positive declaration on a product or service, which gives confidence.
  • It assigns the responsibilities for completing assignments and checking the deliverables of others.
  • AI and ML also enable teams to identify and act on trends and patterns in test results, helping improve the overall quality of the software product.
  • In the software quality assurance program, the team members will initially check manually if there are any bugs or not.
  • Acceptance testing is a critical stage of software testing where the system is tested to ensure that it meets user requirements and performs as expected.
  • Using this technique, the system can be assessed quickly, getting immediate feedback and discovering areas for further testing.

However, this may sometimes yield inaccurate results because different bugs may have different levels of severity and complexity. The severity of a bug may not be directly related to the complexity of fixing the bug. This step tests both external and internal design primarily through verification techniques. The testers are concerned that planning will achieve the objectives of wants because the design is effective and efficient on designated hardware. At Keenethics, we’ve listed eight quality assurance best practices to help you achieve QA maturity.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

We know that when faced with a large number of issues, it can be difficult for QA testers to determine which ones to fix first based on their severity and impact on the software program. Every software house knows the critical role of the QA testing process in their business model. It is one of those crucial functions without which the whole edifice of an IT company will crumble as it would naturally fail to deliver software without bugs and issues. Communicate effectively with everyone involved in the project, including developers, designers, and other stakeholders. Clear communication is vital to ensuring quality products are delivered within deadlines. Regression testing entails generating detailed documentation for the running autotests.

Additionally, keeping detailed records of test runs, cases, and bug reports can be a time-consuming task for QA testers. Therefore, it’s important to provide the necessary support and resources to help them efficiently manage their workload and streamline the testing process. By doing so, we can ensure that our collaboration produces the best possible outcomes. Effective QA testing not only saves time and money but also enhances user experience by ensuring that products are reliable, functional, secure, and easy to use.

#5 Implement risk-based testing

Also, documentation helps testers — it proves that they perform their duties diligently. Using the diversity of QA types is one of the most obvious but often neglected Quality Assurance practices. Perform multiple types of testing to identify different kinds of bugs on time. The method chosen to build software from internal design documents will determine the type and extensiveness of testers needed. As the construction becomes more automated, less testing is required during this phase. However, if the software is made using the waterfall process, it’s subject to error and will be verified.

Best Practices In QA Testing

It’s not a mandatory document, but it will help you schedule all the tasks needed to make sure that the project meets your customer’s needs and expectations. The main goal of this plan is to support project managers and help organize the process by defining roles, responsibilities, and quality standards to be achieved. Accordingly, it should include the software’s quality requirements and describe how they should be assessed. Quality assurance best practices are necessary for all types of production, including software development.

Quality management plan

Our team meets every morning to discuss daily requirements and priorities. Communication from our management and tagging Jira tickets with release and sprint info ensures the QA team stays up to date on shifting requirements. We also have a Jira board that contains items or tickets for each release https://globalcloudteam.com/ with applicable user stories. The Jira board assists in helping with shifting requirements to see tickets that have been moved to the next release or updated with more information. This information helps us to plan ahead and begin creating test cases for new functionality and existing regression.

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Setting up a tool like Disbug will save an enormous amount of time and money during the QA process. Results of testing should be communicated to all involved in the software development process so that they can make informed decisions based on reliable information. QA can help you save time and money by identifying and resolving issues early in the product development process. Reporting – After testing is complete, the results must be documented and reported to ensure proper accountability for all involved in the software development process. There are many reasons why using a QA management tool is a best practice. First, management tools can help you keep track of your work so your coworkers, colleagues, and managers can have visibility of what you’re working on.

Achieving high quality and speed

Both allow for each team member to have access to the data in order to understand its purpose, scope and edge cases, said Christina Kung, director of engineering. How you achieve quality also depends on what methodology used for your software development. While for the water pond, when you model everything is tested at the end. Software QA also needs to be unbiased and the Quality Assurance team should be given some freedom and authority for the process to work correctly. Through this way, the company’s reputation is also affected, positively if it can consistently deliver reliable and high-quality products.

Best Practices In QA Testing

It also indicates who needs to be consulted or informed about project-related matters. A client and a QA team need to establish a meeting schedule and communication channels. The client needs to specify who the QA team should contact in case they need to clarify something or ask for more information regarding the project. Also, the QA team needs to know if the client requires any non-standard reports such as test descriptions, test reports, or time reports. There are several different testing methods that can be used in QA testing.


Our QA team is a part of the project team and sits side by side with our strategists, designers, developers and product managers. This allows the whole team to collaborate and adjust together as requirements change. Technology and design companyWork & Codefines and launches digital experiences that transform companies all over the world. At the company, writing test cases is one of their most important QA practices.

Best Practices In QA Testing

Implementing a risk-based testing approach at the early stages of software development helps to simplify the code architecture and, therefore, makes the product easier to test. Each manual and automated testing approach has its own benefits and nuances. Manual testing requires test engineers to run test cases manually to identify deviations from the expected behavior of the tested software and report them to developers. A QA team should provide test reports that include a summary of testing activities and final testing results after each testing iteration. Regular test reporting aims to inform stakeholders of the current product quality, make them aware of testing progress, and provide them with greater control over the quality assurance process. During this stage, quality assurance engineers test your product feature by feature to ensure that all functionality works as it’s supposed to and according to specifications.

Test Plans

For example, testers can pair with developers and contribute to the coding process or run tests before hitting the build. Or, testers can join discussion sessions, ask questions, and provide rapid feedback to influence development decisions. The cost of debugging at later software development quality assurance stages is minimized as tests are run from the beginning of the design cycle. A test policy is the most high-level document that is created at the organizational level. It defines the test principles adopted by the company and the company’s main test objectives.

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